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Length: 3 Days | Price: $1695

jQuery simplifies client-side scripting via a series of open-source libraries that provide frameworks for enhanced functionality. This hands-on course covers the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, performing Ajax requests, and an overview of the UI library. Students will also learn how to use the jQuery function to return a wrapped set of elements, use utility functions to work with arrays and strings, modify the appearance of elements using a number of predefined effects as well as how to implement existing plugins.

Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript equivalent to attending the Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap and JavaScript Programming courses.

jQuery Programming Course Overview
  • jQuery Fundamentals
  • jQuery Selectors and Filters
  • document.ready()
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Setting Element Content with text() and html()
  • jQuery Event Model
  • Binding and Removing Event Handlers with on() and off()
  • Page Animation with Effects
  • Controlling Visibility Using show() and hide()
  • Making Ajax Requests Using the $.ajax() Function
  • Using the $.get() and $.post() Functions
  • Using Form Selectors and Filters
  • Handling Keyboard and Focus Events
  • Using Other Libraries with jQuery
  • jQuery Plugins