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Length: 5 Days | Price: $2495

This course provides students hands on experience with cutting edge Java Enterprise (Java EE) technologies, creating dynamic web and enterprise applications that utilize several Java frameworks and technologies including JSP's and Servlets, Java Persistence API (JPA), JNDI, JDBC, AJAX, Web Services, Spring and Hibernate. The goal is to enable students to exploit the Java EE platform and accompanying frameworks to facilitate the development of distributed, web-enabled applications.

Students will architectural design issues as well as specific coding models for a variety of Java EE components. By working with several Java frameworks in hands on labs, students will build applications that incorporate many of the patterns commonly used in these and other Java frameworks. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to learn and effectively utilize frameworks appropriate for their application environment.

Starting with Java Server Pages and Servlets, the course then introduces some of the most widely used frameworks to provide concrete illustrations of the services available. Since coding and deployment files are standardized by the Java EE specifications, students may readily apply the skills learned in this class to write code for any compliant server, including Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, Oracle, WebLogic and many others.

Students will learn how to utilize ANT, a flexible and powerful XML-based build utility, to compile, deploy and execute stand-alone and enterprise Java applications. They will also use ANT to execute standalone client applications that communicate with Java EE applications. Comprehensive hands-on lab exercises reinforce instructor lectures and build direct competence in the topics presented throughout the course.

Course Prerequisites: Java SE programming experience and an understanding of object-oriented design principles. Fundamental knowledge of XML, HTML, and JavaScript is helpful but not required. The course Java Programming or equivalent knowledge provides a solid foundation.

Introduction to Web Application Development Using JEE, Spring/Hibernate, Web Services and AJAX Course Overview
  • Introduction to the Java EE Architecture
  • Using ANT
  • Servlet Classes and Interfaces
  • Request and Response Objects
  • Writing a Servlet
  • Web Application Structure
  • Introduction to Java Server Pages
  • Deploying a JSP
  • JSP Document Syntax
  • Communication Between Web Components
  • Database Persistence with and without Hibernate
  • Designing with Spring
  • Adding Spring to Existing Solutions
  • AJAX Integration with Java
  • Web Services in a Java Environment
  • Working with AJAX Toolkits
  • RESTful Web Services
  • AJAX Patterns