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Length: 5 Days | Price: $2495

This hands on course provides training on standard UNIX/Linux commands and utilities used for day to day tasks including file manipulation, program execution and control, and effective use of the shell and desktop environments. The course presents the concepts necessary to understand the way UNIX works as well as the system's most commonly used commands. Data manipulation utilities and shell syntax for synthesizing command pipelines are emphasized. Bourne and Korn shell programming is introduced so students will be able to read and modify existing shell scripts as well as create their own. Desktop environments are also introduced from a user's perspective, including common window managers, Open Office utilities and an introduction to configuration tools. Proficiency in applying new skills is reinforced with extensive hands on exercises after each module.

Course Prerequisites: None

UNIX/Linux Fundamentals and Shell Scripting Course Overview
  • History of UNIX
  • Navigating the File System
  • Viewing and Copying Files
  • Using the Command Line
  • Creating User Logins and Passwords
  • Communicating with Other Users
  • Using the vi Editor
  • File and Directory Naming Rules and Conventions
  • Introduction to Inodes
  • Manipulating Files, Links and Directories
  • UNIX Process Model
  • Monitoring and Controlling Processes
  • Shell Syntax
  • Features of C, Korn and bash Shells
  • I/O Redirection and Pipes
  • Command Substitution, Quoting and Escaping
  • Command Separation and Grouping
  • Using grep, egrep, awk, and sed
  • Using Compression Utilities
  • Backing Up Files
  • tar Syntax
  • UNIX Network Applications
  • Using ftp
  • Working With the Secure Shell
  • Submitting and Controlling Print Jobs